Lessons in Graffiti Limo Etiquette

We love a rowdy, good time in our Graffiti Limo! As the premier party bus in Charleston, SC, we love making sure our riders have a fun, but safe, time riding with us. So we're breaking down the basics of Graffiti Limo etiquette. 

Tardiness - Don't be late, man! You don't want to be late for your own special event, or  make the driver late for any subsequent appointments. So be cool and be sure to arrive on time. Also, extra time may cost you extra moolah. 

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - "Find out what it means to me!" Aretha Franklin knows respect is key and so is it when it comes to your Graffiti Limo driver. The more respect and courtesy you give, the more you'll get in return. 

No Smoking - Drinking may be cool on our limo but smoking is not. We want to keep our limo smoke free so customers can enjoy the party and not a cigarette in their face. Keep the cigs and cigars in your pocket until leaving the party bus. 

Behavior - Like we said, we love a party! Hell, we're a party bus, it's what we do!  However, just because we like to party doesn't mean the rules go away. We like to keep things simple around here, so here's our top 4 rules: 

  • Don't verbally or physically harass the driver
  • Don't use rude or lewd language
  • Never use illegal drugs
  • Don't damage any party of the Graffiti Limo 

We're all about fun here at the Graffiti Limo! Follow these simple rules and we'll all have a great time getting you from destination to destination. 

Have any questions? Shoot us an email or call today!